Seats all sizes, all shapes and colours

If you are not sure of measurements please telephone with the dimensions of your frame before ordering.

Seat dimensions are approx
shown in mm
Length front to back Width at widest part of back seat Width across front of seat Height base to highest part of seat Price
550 290 220 150 £90.00
675 85 225 150 £90.00
660 250 200 180 £90.00
530 220 190 160 £90.00
710 220 220 260 £90.00
600 280 280 150 £60.00
520 220 180 160 £60.00

Number plate/tool box seat: £250

Aluminium Flat Tracker T140 Seat From £250 without upholstery. Black Flat Tracker T140 Seat £300 with light holder, stainless steel fixing kit and upholsted pad.

Norton Commando single seat. As with all our alloy seats, reinforced with fibreglass. Comes with seat base but not upholstered, so the front of the seat can be cut to suit various tanks. From £250

Seat with under tray: £550

Commando alloy seat with base. From: £550

Here is Trevor Waglawns seat with twin custom lights tunnelled into the back. Cost depends on shape of lights and time involved. Ring for details.

7 R style seat. Normally we make them with a straight back. This time I angled it slightly forward like the works XR 750. I think this looks good. Just another option for you to think about. All seats are made from 2mm aluminium.

Wideline and Slimline seats £80 each.

Top - Short Manx, no cut out
Middle - Long Manx with cut out
Bottom - Imola
All From £250

Left - Imola
Middle - Long Manx with cut out
Right - Short Manx, no cut out
All From £250

Left - Short Manx, no cut out
Middle - Long Manx with cut out
Right - Imola
All From £250

Imola seat to fit Moto Guzzi frame. From £250