ZX10 450 ZX10 450

ZX10 tank 450 plus postage
ZX10 450
Above, this picture and right:
ZX10 tank. 24 ltr. Including filler cap.
450 plus postage.
ZX10 450
Roy Shearwood's new bike Left:
We made this tank
for Roy Shearwood's new bike,
a 500cc petrol burning Sealy

NEW ! BMW Tanks NEW !
BMW long and short tanks 450 each

BMW long and short tanks 450 each

Above and left:
Short tank is 48cms long
(shown here unpolished-left)
Normal size tank is 58cms long
(shown here polished-right)
Both tanks 450 each
come with internal baffel and Monza cap
Seat base also available