This is an example of Brian Richards T5 Tickle. One-off tanks like this from: ££POA
Oil tanks: £POA with oil filter housing.
All these are made to the individual customers requirements.

Special one-off. £POA

Here is a first! This bike belongs to Bill from Killarne. He wanted this Moto Guzzi tank for his 950 Weslake Triton. A special tank for a special bike.

This tank is 32 inches long. It accommodates a Ness speedo and is the same size as a standard Harley. The hidden rubber mounts give the bottom of the tank a clean line. £POA

This Ski jump tank was a total one-off. It has a flush filler with 4 rubber mounting points underneath. The fuel tap is on the left hand side. It has a 22mm outlet as HD. £POA

We made this tank for A & H Performance in Hampshire as a special one - off. It is a modern style tank made to fit an old style frame. £POA

We made this tank and seat for Steve Saunders Harris Magnum as a special one off.

This is a special one-off tank and seat for a Harris Magnum

We made this special tank for Steve Blackwells Triton (Triton Owners Club). Another one - off for a Rickman Kawasaki with ZX10 body work.

This is a special one-off tank for a Rickman Kawasaki with ZX10 body work.

GSXR 1100 tank.

Maico twin shock frame. Rotax engine bored to 560cc. This bike was built by Dave Ashworth of Rossendale. You can see why we need the bike on our premises when we make the tanks for hybrids.

This is one of our one-off tanks made to fit the owners frame. It has hidden mounts with fuel pump under the tank. This is a stretched, stretch tank and is 33 inches long.

Harris Magnum 2 frame with Mk 5 style tank. This is a one-off made to fit this bike. The battery fits into the bottom of the tank. As with most one-offs, we need the bike on site to ensure a perfect fit. £POA

Special one - off 7 litre V Max tank. Here's Peters new tank. You can see this bike is heavily modified. Peter, who is well renowned in the V Max club, is running K & N filters so the bottom of the tank goes low, and because he has removed the speedo and rev counter console the tank goes right forward. We can only make tanks like this when the bike is in our work shop. On average we need your bike for 3 working days. £POA

We made this special one-off tank for Chris White. This street legal Harley runs a quarter of a mile in 10.8 seconds.